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Your Photographer on Tenerife.

The Services of Crea Grafico:

• Menucards

• Photographs

• Logos

• Picture Editing

• Car Foils

• Flyers/Posters

• Comercial Movies

More than just a Photographer

Photos are now part of our everyday life. Every day we see pictures everywhere on social networks and everywhere we move. We instinctively distinguish between pictures that we like to look at and pictures that we don't like.

Of course, we would also like to present pictures from time to time that people like to see.
Whether we want to show something we do or present ourselves is up to everyone.
My service helps to present a person or object in the best possible way. It is not only the photo itself that is decisive, but also its placement on various advertising media.
I have been involved in photography, graphic design and videography since 2005.
The entire area of ​​image media is very extensive and each of my customers wants an individual result. I see my service as an aid to achieve the desired goal. One of the first questions for me is: What and who do I want to achieve with an image or a graphic?
Based on this, we think together about how we proceed and develop the right ideas.
I am happy to give my impulses or take on the leadership of the concept.
In the end there are picture media that inspire both my customers and, if applicable, their customers or the desired target group.
Through my many years of experience, I have learned to keep an eye on the details in the process. I take care of a professional work from the planning to the result, so that you can concentrate on yourself or your desired photo motif.
Of course, I would also be happy to take care of your graphics, which are created without a camera.
I implement logos, vector graphics or even complete corporate designs with great care and creativity.
The various areas of image media often interlock and it pays off when everything comes from a single source and the "handwriting" is reflected in both photography and graphics or an advertising film.
Just give me a call or send me a message. We will then talk about your ideas and the possibilities of implementation without obligation.
I look forward to hear from you!
Thomas Pelzer

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All images were created and edited by Crea Grafico (All rights reserved). Everything about photo shootings you can find HERE.