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Commercial Movies

Of course, videos are still an important tool to present yourself or your company. The design of commercials has changed a lot in the course of the past few years, as the development of social networks has made the video itself more important, but at the same time the demand for quality and gloss of the material has fallen sharply.
Apart from the commercials on TV, which are still produced with much effort, it is now considered by the population as much more important that a video is authentic and shows the honest reality.
There is no interest if the video is polished or if it was filmed with a smart phone. Nevertheless, there are of course big differences in advertising effectiveness.
The most important prerequisite for a good commercial film is a good product, which is honestly interesting for potential customers. For everything else Crea Grafico is there, who has already produced many films with many years of experience as a cameraman and video producer and is able to create a commercial movie from planning to post-production and to deliver it in every different kind of format. He also has a team for bigger productions, for filming events from several presences or realize complex productions.

Another topic for Thomas Pelzer is the production of music videos, which is due to his own activities as a drummer in his spare time.

Examples of video productions made by Crea Grafico / Event Film Pelzer