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Photo Shooting

The island of Tenerife is ideal for taking pictures of humans. The diverse landscape offers more than enough scenery for a fantastic photo shoot. Although the landscape certainly already has enough reason for a photo, it is always a special highlight to photograph a model and to combine the charms of nature with the beauty of a body.

Company - Special

Book the carefree package. You want to promote your product and need professional photos with professional models? We do it cost-effectively because we have two big advantages:
We are close to many wonderful locations that do not exist in Germany and we work without an agency that usually has to be paid seperately. Crea Grafico is in contact with various models that are regularly available in Tenerife. We cast our models ourselves and always have different types to choose from. So just send us your product and we will send you ready-edited pictures, if desired also in connection with a professional layout for your advertising campaign.

Private Photo Shooting

Also for private purposes, you can book Crea Grafico as a photographer. Pictures of vacations in Tenerife are vivid memories and enjoy your friends and family. More Informations and Prices please scroll down.

Crea Grafico offers different photo shoots on Tenerife from time to time.

It is not always about photographing professional models, but also about finding potential models and giving them a chance to get started in the business, or just taking a few professional pictures from the holidays in Tenerife.

Isabelle for Crea Grafico

Jackie for Crea Grafico

Julie for Crea Grafico

Depending on the use of the images and possibly classification of the models, the photos are paid in different ways.
In general, we distinguish:

- Pictures for private use (holiday photos, fun shoot, pictures without publication)
these pictures are paid by the persons photographed. The prices you can find HERE.

- Images for publication and using rights for photographer and Model at the same.
Here are models in demand, who have few or no experience and would like to test or improve their abilities as a model. Payment does not take place in this case, either in one direction or the other. However, the model receives the best images of the shoot professionally edited in the form of high-resolution photo files for their own use such as sedcard.

For such a shoot, we ask for a request per mail or Facebook with a photo or Facebook profile.

Images for commercial use (photo shoots for an advertiser with different uses)This is especially for commercial shootings and the requirements of the models are different. The payment depends mainly on the professionalism of the model and the intended use. Also for this we often search for beginners, they get a small fee and can use the pictures and the reference for themselves.The call for such shootings takes place on Facebook and other networks. Here a model should apply for a special call. Please also keep an eye on the Facebook page of Crea Grafico.

Basically, we are glad about any request, but it should also be mentioned at this point that a model must be at least 18 years old or at least 16 years, if the written consent of the parent or guardian is present.

The communication is possible in German, English or Spanish.

If you only stay temporarily for a holiday in Tenerife, then please tell us directly in which period, so we can adjust our planning from the beginning.
See you later!

Thomas Pelzer

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