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Business Shootings

We live in wild times and many people are reorienting themselves. So very often people end up on the island of Tenerife and are looking for a new job, challenge or business.
Many of you have been here for a few years and know the advantages and disadvantages of life on the Canary Island.
I also came to the island in 2018 and have reoriented and settled in here. Although I stayed with my kind of work, many details of my structure wanted to be adapted to the new environment.
Correct advertising for a company on the island differs in many ways from typical advertising in Germany. One thing counts above all: honesty!
Anyone who runs a business here knows that you can't fool your customers. Why? Everyone has their qualities and their character. As a photographer, I want to show this character in a picture and present the customer with a picture of the entrepreneur that corresponds to his (her) character and underlines his (her) qualities.
In addition, I am of course also happy to report on my experiences and give tips and hints for the right start into self-employment in Tenerife.

Here are a few examples of Crea Grafico's business shooting customers:

Nicole Welter Online Services


Angela Johanning Coach of Luck


Company Special

Book the carefree package. Do you want to advertise your product and need professional photos with professional models? We do this inexpensively because we have two major advantages:
We are close to numerous fantastic locations that do not exist anywhere else in the world and we work without an agency, which normally has to be paid extra. Crea Grafico is in contact with various models who are regularly available in Tenerife. We cast our models ourselves and always have different types to choose from. So simply send us your product and we will send you finished images, if you wish, in connection with a professional layout for your advertising campaign.