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About Crea Grafico

Crea Grafico Thomas Pelzer

Thomas Pelzer has been working as a photographer, graphic designer and video producer since 2005. He left his previous life as a master electrical engineer in 2006 and concentrated on the subject of image media. Since that time he has used his always growing wealth of experience to implement numerous photo shoots, video productions and graphic designs.

Because he has to deal with all possible image media, he is able to create and edit all the necessary image materials for optimal advertising by himself and to develop and implement a concept tailored to the customer.

In the meantime, Thomas Pelzer, who moved from Germany to Tenerife in 2018, is not only known for his stylish photos and videos, as well as his creative graphics, but also for his reliability, precision and, above all, for his friendly and human nature, that makes his passion for visual media visible.
In his new home on Tenerife, he always finds new inspiration for his work and offers his services not only locally, but also across countries via the Internet.